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Don't have time for a success story? Here's a few testimonial tidbits.


Peabody Memphis Hotel

"We have witnessed a significant reduction in liquor inventory costs and a significant increase in revenues associated with free pour drink control. We have nothing but good things to say about Capton's proof of concept approach and process. They have great, knowledgeable people on their team who understand our business and worked with us through the entire project and beyond to show us a very sustainable ROI. It is a real partnership."
Douglas Browne, General Manager


Chumash Casino Resort

"We made the decision to install Capton's system based on the company's proven track record of delivering an immediate and sustainable ROI, their history with other customers in the tribal gaming community, and the breadth of their professional services, customer service and support."
William Hanke, Director of Food and Beverage

"We were looking for a technology solution that would offer a clear before and after view of our beverage operations, with the ability to forecast trends. These economic times are challenging, but we believe Capton provides exactly the right solution needed to trim operational waste and inefficiency."
Pete Saccullo, Executive Director of Technology


Doral Arrowwood Conference Center and Hotel

"I was very happy with the Capton system even after a few short months. Most valuable is the impression it sends to the bar staff and the sense of control I have over what is going on. It is an important and insightful tool for me because I don't have to be there 24/7 to manage it. It gives me an extra set of eyes. I can retrieve the data at my convenience, but still see precisely what is happening behind the bar."
Mike Bullers, Beverage Manager


FelCor Lodging

"We fully tested the Capton solution and found it works as represented and produces compelling, measurable ROI results. Because of those results, FelCor has decided the Capton technology is strategically important for us to move forward with."
Don Falgoust, Vice President, Food and Beverage


Gulfport Island View Casino

"When I saw the Capton solution and how it worked, I truly got excited. Even though guns can be efficient, they are an enormous cost and the benefit as opposed to bartender free pouring is questionable. Guests like the free pour experience, and good or bad, there is a guest perception about being served from a gun that is not ideal. The bartenders' pours haven't wavered within a tenth of an ounce since the system was first installed. We have a free pour environment and liquor cost control, a perfect combination."
Bill Petersen, Beverage Manager


Intercontinental Miami Hotel

"Even during an economic downturn, we could see the value of moving forward with Capton as a cost savings tool. We saw a drop in pouring averages of almost 37% in the first sixty days, which we know will correlate to a significant savings in annualized liquor inventory costs."
Spiro Frangos, Director of Food and Beverage

"The hotel used an inventory solution in the past which highlighted missing bottles of liquor, but did not give any information on how they went missing. The Capton advantage is the immediate ability to have a conversation with a specific bartender on a specific issue. It gives me the answers to the key questions. Where are my missing drinks? Where are my over or under pours?"
Jason Deville, Beverage Manager


Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront

"We saw points come off in liquor cost reduction, and the consistency of drink preparation, so vital to the guest experience, went way up. It's not simply a better product, it's the wave of the future. There is no doubt about it. The Capton solution is so much better than secret shoppers or spotters. It's an electronic viewing portal, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
Victor Jerez, Food & Beverage Director


Mohegan Sun Resort Casino

"The critical value of Capton's professional services in driving ROI cannot be overstated. I know of no one else in the same space delivering this kind of dedicated, results-oriented training and support. We were able to establish ROI in under nine months – and even better, continue sustaining it. Capton is the ultimate competitive weapon."
James Harris, Project Manager, Information Systems


Sheraton Society Hill

"The ROI is clearly there. This is a system that will definitely pay for itself. I think it is fantastic. I've been in food and beverage for a long time and I have never seen anything like this without it being hidden. I believe that the solution would also benefit our banquets business because the bartenders would know we are watching."
Larry Mullan, Director of Food and Beverage

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