Customer Success Story:
Mohegan Sun Casino Resort

Mohegan Sun is one of the largest casinos in the world with over 300,000 square feet of gaming space and 1,200 hotel rooms. Three years ago it purchased Capton beverage monitoring systems to cover 12 outlets on the property.

A Problematic Installation
Initially Mohegan assigned just one manager to be responsible for the Capton system at all bars on the property. It was an overwhelming task. Bartenders were removing spouts off of the bottles and the project manager found bartenders to be defensive about the pour reports. There was a general lack of attention to bartender performance. Upper management felt they weren't getting the return on their investment that they should.

Changing Culture
The head of food and beverage tasked Capton and the management team with taking control of the system and improving the liquor costs of the property. The team took two major actions. First, Capton reports were used as a professional development tool for the bartenders. And maintaining spouts on bottles was decentralized and tasked to line staff with management being the double check.

The beverage department created the high level goals with the bartenders of increasing drink consistency and reducing over pouring. The bar managers started generating Capton reports to have regular briefing sessions with the bar staff to let them know how they were doing within their defined goals. Culturally everyone started to focus on not over pouring drinks. Liquor costs went down.

Changing Procedure
Instead of one manager being responsible for the spouts at all the bars, all bar supervisors were charged with having spouts be maintained on the bottles. If the spouts don't stay on the bottles then there is no data for the reports and the professional development opportunities suffer. The bar supervisors in turn made it the responsibility of the bar backs to look for spouts off bottles and place them back on the bottles. Bar backs place spouts on bottles at the beginning of their shifts and the bar supervisors quickly double check spouts are on bottles as part of their routine when walking the floors. Finally the beverage managers periodically check in on the overall operation as they check on operations.

Measurable Results
Mohegan Sun has consistently reduced its overall liquor costs 1% to 2% every month from its baseline. The Capton system is now a natural part of the bar environments and continues to be a tool to track and discuss bartender performance.

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