Customer Success Story:
The Peabody Memphis

The Peabody Memphis is a magnificent 4-Diamond hotel situated in the heart of “Blues City”.  The hotel is also one of Memphis' most popular attractions due to the famed Peabody Ducks, who march to and from the Grand Lobby twice daily in a time-honored tradition dating back to the 1930s.

Legendary, charming, elegant and grand are adjectives that perfectly describe this luxury hotel that prides itself in providing service and amenities exceeding guest expectations.

“A primary focus for us is always about the guest experience, ” said Food and Beverage Cost Controller, Alvin H. Walls.  “We have big operations, a huge service bar and a large number of exotic cocktails.  We know that the guest experience is eroded when bartenders don’t prepare drinks consistently."

Unprecedented Visibility into Operations
The Capton system installed at The Peabody utilizes RFID-enabled liquor  pour spouts to provide a clear picture of exactly how each drink is prepared, how the guest is served and how the transaction is handled in the point-of-sale (POS) system.  Anytime there is a variance from what is expected, the system can spotlight the event to management for follow up action. 

"The Capton system identifies over pouring, missing drinks and unaccounted for pours,  giving us a visibility into our bar operations we never had before,” remarked Walls.

“We had a number of key success criteria, ” according to The Peabody's Controller, Bob Brown.  “We wanted the system to help us achieve consistency in drink preparation, which translates into reduced liquor costs.  We required that the system not interfere with any aspect of our guest service operation and not require management to spend hours running it.   We wanted revenue assurance, which meant every drink poured would be matched up with drinks sold in our HSI POS system.  Based on the proof of concept results, we purchased Capton for the lobby bar (famous for the ducks) and made the decision to use it for banquet operations, which include huge seasonal special events with cash bars.”

Significant Reduction in Liquor Inventory Costs
“Since we began using the system in May, we have witnessed a significant reduction in liquor inventory costs and a significant increase in revenues associated with free pour drink control.  We have nothing but good things to say about Capton’s proof of concept approach and process, ” stated General Manager, Douglas Browne.  “They have great, knowledgeable people on their team who understand our business and worked with us through the entire project and beyond to show us a very sustainable ROI. It is a real partnership.”

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