More accurate data. More efficient operations.

A 100%-digital spout, combined with our web-based software and data center services, helps you get the most from our system.

Small size. Big performance.

Our new, all-digital beverage data collector is the most advanced in the industry—housed within a classic-looking package that features 73% smaller electronics, compared to our previous model. And we wrapped it around an industry-standard tapered metal pour spout, so your bar staff won’t need to modify their pour methods or counts.

SmartSense™ All-Digital Operation

A bar is a harsh environment for a spout. Mechanical parts wear out and break. That's why our engineers designed our new spout to operate using 100%-digital technology. No more mechanical on/off switches or sensors. A digital engage switch overcomes the #1 reason for spout data collection failure. And a digital tilt sensor provides accurate measurement regardless of pour angle.

EasyCare™ Design

The Capton spout is totally modular, and designed to disassemble in seconds for easy cleaning and replacement of nozzles and corks. It is comprised of the industry-standard metal pour spout, the sealed electronics housing, and a replaceable cork. To disassemble, simply twist the cork 90 degress and voila. It's that easy. Corks come in a variety of sizes, to fit all bottle types.

PowerSave™ Technology

Using proprietary power management technology, the spout merely sips power, for the longest battery life in the industry.

Two-Year Warranty & Replacement Guarantee

Latest technology. Fully sealed enclosure. No leaks. We're so confident in our new spout, we back it with a two-year warranty. If your spout fails for any reason within two years of purchase, we'll replace it for free.

Helping You Run a More Efficient Operation

Our new spouts, web-based reports, and data center services are an integral part of what makes Capton a valuable partner, helping you run an efficient beverage operation. So contact us today to schedule your upgrade. You’ll find out why we say we’re Raising the Bar!

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