Powerful insights. Simple interface.

We give you a unique view into your beverage operations, without affecting the customer experience. Access anywhere, anytime.

Easy-to-use reports allow for high-level performance analysis, as well as instant drill down capabilities to the individual pour. An alerting engine based on key performance indicators enables management to focus on the issues, instead of getting lost in all the data. Features include:

  • Management reports and analytics
  • Scalable for unlimited bars and users
  • Web interface
  • User-based data restrictions
  • User-definable reporting engine
  • Dynamic drill down and graphical reports
  • Key performance indicators

Many reports are graphical, using charts and bar graphs to view slices of information. The data aggregation hierarchies can have unlimited levels and views of data can be determined by the security level for each user. Properties can also be aggregated to provide views for regional and corporate management.


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