Better Measurement. Better Performance.

Capton solutions reach deep into your operations to extract unique data, without disrupting your business or changing staff behavior.

The Capton solution is a server-based system that acts as a central command and reporting center, allowing you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of bars and users. And with a web-based interface and simple-to-manage administration, Capton lets you designate multiple users and restrict access by management area or location.

It All Starts with the Spout
The system starts with a wireless free-pour spout that allows bartenders to pour liquor without adjusting normal bar operations. Our new, all-digital beverage data collector is the most advanced in the industry — housed within a classic looking package. It features 73% smaller electronics, compared to our previous model. No activation switch to get stuck. Easy-swap corks. And we wrapped it around an industry-standard tapered metal pour spout, so your bar staff won’t need to modify their pour methods or counts. Spouts are completely self-contained, water resistant and impact resistant so they can be cleaned like any other pour spout.

Our spouts fit all major brands of liquor and are re-programmable through a simple software update. Every event including pours, placement on-bottle and placement off-bottle is date and time stamped and transmitted in real time. Each spout contains a microchip that wirelessly transmits pour data via radio frequency to a receiver. Every microchip has a unique serial code, so each spout can be tracked individually. Wireless receivers capture the data collected and transmitted by the spouts, and forward it to Capton's secure, web-based data warehouse.


Capton software connects operational pour data to financial data, and makes it available
for real-time analysis — providing a unique view into beverage operations that
helps managers and owners maximize profits.


Authorized users can access their Capton reports anytime through an easy-to-use web interface.


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