Increase Consistency. Decrease Costs.

Capton helps increase consistency, which helps pour more revenue to the bottom line. And it starts with accurate measurement.

Up to 30% of bar liquor goes missing. Even careful bartenders have trouble pouring consistently to the established property standards, which affects the customer experience and the bottom line. Managers have no effective way of measuring or managing bartender behavior. Video, secret shoppers and audits are costly. Pour control solutions impair the customer experience. And inventory control systems add labor to the process.

Comprehensive Solution.
Cloud-Based Platform
Capton software connects beverage pour data to financial data, and makes it available for real-time analysis. Capton helps managers and owners maximize profits, by providing unique visibility into beverage operations. Capton collects pour data wirelessly, analyzes it and presents it in web-based dashboards that help you manage your business. The Capton beverage tracking solution is comprised of a set of wireless pour spouts linked to powerful management and reporting software that gives managers a real-time view of liquor usage.

  • Web-based financial tracking
  • Operational, real-time reports
  • Reconciles financial results with operational data
  • Tracks trends; ideal for monthly reviews
  • Summaries by property, portfolio, and brand
  • Metrics and KPI tracking
  • Measures 'Yield', pouring efficiency against pour standards

Our solutions use a combination of wireless spouts, a receiver, and powerful software to measure every ounce that is poured and match it with pour standards. The results are impressive and immediate.


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