Improve Consistency. Reduce Costs.

Maximizing profits in your beverage operation begins with asking the right questions. Knowing what’s going on in operations allows you to hold staff accountable. We can help.

There is only one way to maximize efficiency in your beverage operations. You must gather and measure operational data. But what data? And how should you measure performance? Even if your liquor costs appear low and you're meeting your budgets, that doesn’t mean your bartenders are pouring consistently and efficiently.

Building a More Efficient Operation
At Capton we can help you build and manage an efficient beverage operation, using the tools and techniques of the IT analytics industry. And gathering, storing and processing data is just the beginning. Using analytics software and a relational database, we create the data warehouse structure and measurement methodologies necessary to extract maximum value from the transactional data generated by your beverage operation. Then we monitor your operations to ensure your staff is pouring according to your standards. And if something doesn't measure up, we alert you.

  • Setup and Configuration
    • Set success metrics
    • Baseline data: one year prior to installation, to provide a baseline of costs
    • Best Practices/Training for managers and bar staff
  • Operational Monitoring
    • Ensure receivers are online
    • Provide alerts upon prescribed events or thresholds
    • Identify problem areas
  • Reporting & Analysis
    • Average pour amounts, relative to target
    • Beverage revenue and cost, per outlet, property, and portfolio
    • Recommend changes to improve performance

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